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5 Love Stories that will make you believe in love (again)

Here at CULT MIA we’re getting the Valentine's feels. For this Valentine's Day, we asked our cult to send us up-lifting Love Stories from around the globe. Here are our top 5 stories that didn't leave a single dry eye in the room.Kleenex anyone? Lorenzo, 56 and Ilaria, 56 both from Milan, Italy Lorenzo and Ilaria went to the same high school but never got to know each other. They then went on to the same college, but again never crossed each others’ paths. Eventually, they decided to pursue the same profession, and both applied for law school. That is when the two first met.  Lorenzo would always spot cheerful Ilaria sitting at cafés around law school, chatting, getting coffee...

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YASSY: Gift a piece of history frozen in time.

Gemstones (especially diamonds) have always been symbols of love.  Each stone is brilliantly unique, with it’s own story dating back millions of years. Gift a piece of history frozen in time this year. Make it part of your story. - Yasmine Elghanayan Yassy jewellery was founded by Yasmine Elghanayan, London local and expert gemologist. Pieces range from delicate fine jewellery to more affordable demi fine jewellery. The focus is always on accentuating the beauty of the gemstones in an unaltered and delicate state. All of Yassy’s jewellery is made to the finest quality (diamonds are all top tier when it comes to the 4 C’s). We see Yassy as the perfect gifting option for anyone on your Valentine’s list -...

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