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Thalassa: Wear the movement

Gabriela and Alexandra Co-founders of Thalassa, are childhood friends who grew up in the Peruvian coast, a hub of surf culture in South America.  Having both eclectic spirits they came together with the idea of creating a brand that unified their love for the environment, surfing and fashion.


Hence, Thalassa movement was born. Where the lines between fitness and fashion have been erased for good. Designed for women who don’t follow rules and encourage them to find their flair and commemorate their active way of life. 


 Thalassa's guideline is to be mindful of the environment and the local workshops who supply and produce for us. That is why they use sustainable materials, manage and fabricate small quantities locally and give back to the community by participating in beach clean ups and up-cycling left over fabrics.


Wear Thalassa, It’s a Vibe.

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