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Your Horoscope Is In!

In this year’s month of love, we are letting our shoes do all the talking! Our #ShoeZodiac is IN and bound to create an endless love affair. Whether you’re the...

In this year’s month of love, we are letting our shoes do all the talking! 
Our #ShoeZodiac is IN and bound to create an endless love affair. Whether you’re the flirty Scorpio or the hopeless romantic Cancer, Shop Our #CultMiaClassics 

Aries: Bold, Courageous, and the Life of the Party

Pink + Furry = The Ultimate FIERY shoe for the ULTIMATE fire sign. Cornelio Borda has the perfect pieces to add flames to any wardrobe, which makes these shoes the perfect fit for that fiery Aries.

Leo: The Main Character…Today, Tomorrow, and Forever

Nothing says #MainCharacterEnergy like a statement cowboy boot to your outfit, which means these Gvasalia boots are perfect for Leo’s wanting to take the center stage.

Libra: The Perfect Balance

For the Libra that just CAN’T decide, these classic, black mary-jane flats are the perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe.

Gemini: When Two Becomes One

There’s only two sides to a Gemini; LOUD AND LOUDER. These pink leather 10th Floor boots make a bold statement wherever they go.

Sagittarius: A Free-Spirit with a Wild Heart 

For the Sagittarius with that is a force to be reckoned with, these Je La Connais pumps are the perfect addition to any outfit. Add your favorite sparkly socks or rock them with your favorite midi skirt for the perfect look. 

Taurus: Strong in Body, Heart, and Mind

Taurus’ are known for their stubborn and relentless personality, so there’s no arguing with them that these Je La Connais ankle boots are the perfect boots for taking on any task from running around the city to strutting 9-5 around the office.

Cancer: The Hopeless Romantic

The perfect shoe for the zodiac’s ultimate lover girl. These 10th Floor zebra boots are perfect for the cancer girl wanting to attract that WILD love story. Perfect boots to make a bold statement on the first date. 

Aquarius: The Creative One

Aquarius’ are never afraid of making bold statements and showing off their creative flare, so these 10th Floor Soho gold leather mules are a perfect fit. 

Virgo: Little Miss Perfectionist

Virgo’s may be the practical perfectionist of the zodiac, but that doesn’t mean they are afraid to stand out in the crowd. These pink foil boots by LIYA have the perfect heel, the perfect color, and are the perfect conversation starter.

Capricorn: The Hustler

Capricorns are notorious for being the zodiac sign always making money moves. Whether it’s making that killer presentation for the CEO or making it to those after work drinks with your bestie, these 10th Floor hourglass heels will never disappoint. 

Scorpio: Flirty and Fearless

This zodiac is known for their epic flirting abilities and fearless attitude when it comes to love, so it's no surprise that these flirty mules by Cornelio Borda are the perfect shoe for our Scorpios. 

Pisces: Lover Girl in Her Own World  

Pisces are known for their dreamy hearts and their heads always being in the clouds. So these dreamy 10th Floor satin pink stilettos are perfect for the Pisces wanting to put any outfit on cloud nine. 
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