Icône Paris was born in Paris, imagined by Kristina Serena. The atelier is based in Marbella where all our creations are released from the finest fabrics that they bring from France, Italy and Spain. With a great care and obsession for quality with less quantity our items made by the professional master tailors. They are devoted to classical woman’s elegance yet welcome color and unconventionality.
“Performance” and “emotion” the words which inspire the Icône team composed by creatives people, patternmakers and dressmakers. Kristina Serena, the fashion designer put in the centre of her creations classical women’s elegance. Her objective is to accompany the style and beauty in feminine universe. Initially based in Paris she brings all her world and set up to Marbella with the desire to be out of her crazy schedule and devote herself for passion. To express her love to feminine subtlety and love to her beloved city, she gives a birth to a Icône Paris, the idea that she imagines and illustrates through her drawings and designs.
To better engage the label in a sustainable fashion voice by exploring local crafts. With a desire to make pieces unique and to be eco-responsible we do not make seasons, only the pieces of the moment with capsule collections. They design the prints for Icône t-shirts in organic cotton and create them in our Studio Design.

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