Meet Lorena Saravia - Mexico's top designer comes to London for the first time.

Meet Lorena Saravia. Since launching in 2010, she has become one of the most acclaimed Mexican designers worldwide.
Lorena's collections always have a personal touch from her life. Designed for contemporary women, Lorena gives the flexibility needed for everyday lifestyle. She brings her own life into her latest collection - like this aviator hat, inspired by Lorena's father, a pilot for Mexicana Airlines.
Lorena's version of "El Charro" boots, which have been infamous in Mexico for generations, keeping the cowboy tradition alive in a very contemporary way. They are handmade in a town called Naulinco, Veracruz. They have been producing them for generations!
You can find Lorena Saravia in Mexico City or exclusively through Cult Mia. 

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