We're joining the Tuluminati Cult - A gem from Tulum.

Welcome to the Tuluminati tribe! Tuluminati started in Tulum. Inspired in the Mayans and their lifestyle, that is why each of their hats have a different Mayan name related to its decoration. For example the xibalba hat with the skulls means death xibalba means death and underworld for example. The designer, Gisella, mainly designs all of the hats and some others are hand painted by other artist or sometimes a hat is created within the team.
Tuluminati started about two years ago in Gisella’s grandmothers basement and since then it has grown really fast.They already have stores in Monterrey, Tulum, a showroom in Guadalajara and are stocked in concept stores through Mexico. Now you can find them internationally through Cult Mia.
We work only with Mexican materials and Mexican craftsmanship. Everything is sewed by hand by our hard working women. We also impulso female workers in our company.
Every hat is designed to transmit a Tuluminati lifestyle and carry out the message of love and spirituality wherever the hat ends around the world. We see you exploring Bali during the summer and jet setting to Verbier in the winter. These hats are meant to be worn throughout the year, there is always a reason to join the tribe.

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