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'Take your home with you'. At Cult Mia, we loved the concept behind Room, a fashion-forward brand from Brazil and Italy creating unique handcrafted pieces that take you effortlessly and in style from home to the outside world. 

Room was founded in 2016, with the idea of deconstructing home design and blending it with fashion. Their pieces evoke an element of home décor by drawing inspiration from objects and furniture design. Room’s staple product, the statement-making “Pillow Sandal”, features puffy, pillow-shaped leather straps. The idea was to be able to create a pair of shoes that could be worn for all occasions and kept in your wardrobe for a lifetime.

The ethos of the brand is to create timeless pieces that don’t follow along with the traditional fashion seasons. Each piece is designed with time, high-quality materials and true attention to detail - the purpose of its designs to become a permanent fixture in one’s wardrobe.