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Did you know that there are over 10,000 bacteria per square centimeter covering our phones? And that’s not even counting viruses. That’s ten times more than most toilet seats! That is why Cult Mia dropped Clen - the first certified antibacterial and antiviral phone accessories. 

In the current pandemic environment, Clen’s founder, Arianna Namaki, made it her mission to find a way to revolutionize the cleanliness of phones. Clen’s October 2020 launch came at the perfect time - a moment when consumers are hyper aware of their surroundings, with a growing sustainable mindset, but forced to use wasteful products like non-biodegradable antibacterial wipes to clean phone screens. 
Namaki partnered with German hygiene company, Hecosol, to incorporate their spray coating on Clen’s phone accessories. The coating has 99.9% effectiveness against gram positive bacteria, gram negative bacteria and noroviruses, lasting up to one year on sprayed surfaces. This revolutionary coating in the hygiene and science technology space, currently used inside office buildings and planes in Germany, is being used for the very first time on tech accessories.

For £45, coated tempered glass screen protectors, which offer full protection to phone screens, and phone cases are offered as a bundle. Keeping sustainability in mind, all packaging materials are eco-friendly.