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Tbilisi: The unexpected IT fashion destination

We’ve landed in the new emerging fashion capital, Tbilisi, and handpicked the Georgian designers that deserve to be known.

We’ve landed in the new emerging fashion capital, Tbilisi, and handpicked the Georgian designers that deserve to be known.  On BoF’s radar, Georgian fashion is taking over the industry. Fashion houses like Vetements, Balenciaga and David Koma are led by Georgian creative directors that bring a fresh and edgy touch to our everyday fashion. 
Georgian design breaks boundaries not only when it comes to gender but when it comes to innovation. Architectural pieces, overflowing lines and minimal design dominates Georgian runways bringing a fresh perspective to our closets. 
For your insider scoop, we interviewed top Georgian Influencer Ani Pkhakadze on her perspective on her local fashion. 

“Georgian designers are very progressive. They always want to evolve and find something new in what they do. As a former Soviet country, with no exposure or inspiration to the rest of the world, designers had to get inspired by their everyday life and surroundings locally. They reinvented themselves to inspire their everyday life.”

Thanks to Ani’s local expertise,  we’ve discovered some of the best Georgian designers and made them accessible internationally, dropping them on Cult Mia for you to discover.

Natia x Lako

A collaboration between designers, Natia Khutsishvili and Lako Bukia, this jewelry label is inspired by animals, insects and nature - ensuring that you standout from the crowd.

Lalo Cardigans

Founded in 2012 by twin sisters Lalo and Nina Dolidze, Lalo Cardigans is all about unique, handmade pieces made from the finest natural yarns and blends from the Caucasus in Georgia. Drawing inspiration from mother nature's beautiful features, Lalo's handicrafts are endless combinations of colors, shapes and silhouettes.


Founded by sisters-in-law Natia Chkhartishvili and Tamar Svanidze, the brand is all about statement jewelry that stands out with its playful, vibrant colors. For the woman who knows her own mind and is confident to express and experiment with her own style.
This is just a taste of Georgian designers - more top talent from Tbilisi has been sourced and is dropping on Monday:
Janashia, can be described as a retro-futuristic fashion brand. The designer, Gvantsa Janashia, often looks to the past to create the future.  She adds her own personal touch to every collection. Expect more outstanding jewelry and fashion dropping soon.
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