Becca Ahern is a London-based fashion & celebrity stylist. Her style focuses on and reflects a strong, confident, powerful woman who is feminine yet holds space within a room.

With over twelve years of experience working with luxury fashion, Becca always prefers to opt for the pieces you won’t find in your regular luxury fashion brand. To wear whatever everyone else is, is following the herd.

"My edit comprises this season’s must-have summer party pieces. My favorite fits are always those worn past 8 p.m. Think glam, seductive, and bold. Every item in my edit has been chosen to make you stand out from the crowd and make you everything a woman should be; confident, sexy, and unapologetic.

My go-to is Cult Mia, a beautiful collection of luxury designer goods offering something different from your regular high-fashion houses. Cult Mia celebrates individuality, which is all my styling is about. To wear what everyone else is, is boring!"

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