About Us

We’re your guide for designer discovery. Where you never know what might show up next. We handpick the best from around the world - and bring it to you.
We’re the local shoppers, the one-off seekers. We’re the Instagram stalkers, the obsessive brand followers. The bored high-street browsers (and the affordable luxury buyers).
We’re a hivemind of all the hottest international brands. We pull out the most unique pieces from the most exciting designers and drop them on our platform every week. 
Imagine being able to fly back to Colombia to pick a bikini from swim week. Or zip to LA every time you need new yoga pants. What about heading to Sweden’s catwalk shows for your eighth wedding of the season? While we can’t take you to Mexico, we can bring Mexico to you (without the international shipping). A limited edition basket bag, perfectly packaged and shipped to you from Tulum.
Our platform is one of discovery, where you never know what might show up next. We switch up designers and curate a limited amount of stock to keep our cult looking fresh.
And while you stand out in fashion from around the world, stand up for brands that deserve to be known. Our fashion team handpick designers that we want Cult Mia to meet. They're one-of-a-kind makers, who aren't hung together for their aesthetic, but for a commitment to quality and a respect for their craft.

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