Cult Mia’s Donations Scheme:


Cult Mia is a values-driven fashion marketplace that takes its commitment to sustainability seriously.

As part of our continued dedication to our core values, Cult Mia has announced the launch of its new donations component to encourage our curators to shop with purpose.

For every item purchased,

we will donate £2

to a charity related to one of the platform’s four causes: Cult Eco, Cult Conscious, Cult Power, or Cult Local.

Shop with purpose.

500 Designers.
46 Countries.
20 Categories.
4 Values.
500 Designers.
46 Countries.
20 Categories.
4 Values.
500 Designers.
46 Countries.
20 Categories.
4 Values.


Remove 25 kg of CO2

Cult Mia is committed to becoming carbon neutral in the coming years, and to support this agenda, Cult Mia will donate the proceeds from all products purchased in the Cult Eco category to remove 25 kg of CO2.

This donation is in partnership with the Verified Carbon Standard, an organization that works to promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.


Give Clothing a Second Life

The fashion industry has a significant waste and overproduction problem, and Cult Mia wants to be part of the solution. As such, all proceeds from items purchased in the Cult Conscious category will be donated to Mode Estime, an organization that provides second lives to clothing by recycling and up cycling them.

This initiative also supports underprivileged women by providing them with appropriate clothing, helping them secure jobs.


1 Notebook to 1 Girl

Cult Mia believes in empowering women and minorities, and to support this belief, we will be donating the proceeds from items purchased in the Cult Power category to Develop Africa.

This organization provides school materials to young girls in Africa to encourage education and break the poverty cycle. Cult Mia strives to remind young women of their self-worth, ability to determine their own choices, and right to influence social change for themselves and others.



As a global platform that works with numerous Turkish designers, Cult Mia wants to support local communities and production.

Therefore, all proceeds from items purchased in the Cult Local category will be donated to Turkish Philanthropy Funds to provide basic needs kits to those affected by the recent earthquake in Turkey. This initiative helps uplift local communities and production by providing the most basic needs during a challenging time.

Shop With Confidence


This Earth Day initiative is another reason for sustainable shoppers to shop with confidence at CULT MIA. Every brand on our platform is vetted, they are transparent, they meet our core ESG requirements, and now we donate proceeds to further support our Cult Causes.

Our mission started with our founder and CEO, Nina Briance, who worked in the Women & Trade team focused on lifting up female-owned micro-enterprises in the least developed countries at the UN. Our Earth Day initiative is a continued dedication and celebration of our core values as a business.

In 2022, we partnered with Positive Luxury to take our values-driven approach further - certifying our brand sourcing strategy from an ESG perspective. The Butterfly Mark that we received is the industry's leading sustainability certification, awarded based on our unique prospective brand analysis framework. Our approach to sustainability is tied to our curation - first, we evaluate operational excellence and find the perfect product for our community in terms of price, quality, and exclusivity. Second and most important in our vetting process is understanding the principles that underpin our brands. We curate and only support the brands that align with our four key values: environmental sustainability, social consciousness, minority empowerment, and the protection of local craft / heritage.

Brands that don’t meet the minimum entry score of our four key values are not onboarded, and brands that do are monitored, assessed, and rewarded as they make improvements along their ESG scores with us. The progress that we have made on the sustainability side has landed us a nomination to Positive Luxury’s 2023 Awards as the Breakthrough Business of the Year. Via our brands Cult Causes onboarding strategy, we highlight our platform values, demonstrate our commitment to encourage customers to make more conscious purchases, while incentivizing brands to make internal improvements, and work towards the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

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