Cult Mia’s Donations Scheme:


Cult Mia is a values-driven fashion marketplace that takes its commitment to sustainability seriously.

As part of our continued dedication to our core values, Cult Mia has announced the launch of its new donations component to encourage our curators to shop with purpose.

For every order,

we will donate £2

to a charity related to one of the platform’s four causes: Cult Eco, Cult Power, Cult Local or Cult Conscious.

Shop with purpose.

500 Designers.
46 Countries.
20 Categories.
4 Values.
500 Designers.
46 Countries.
20 Categories.
4 Values.
500 Designers.
46 Countries.
20 Categories.
4 Values.


OFFSET 1000kg of CO₂ + PLANT 10 TREES

The concentration of CO2 volume is one of the main causes of climate change, and we are determined to do something about it. At Cult Mia we recognize that it is important to reduce and compensate for our greenhouse gas emissions.

When you shop from our Cult Eco edit, we will donate to a cause that compensates CO2 through Gold Standard certified projects that plants 10 trees, restores biodiversity, and fights against deforestation! Greenhouse gas emissions pose a threat and are a risk to all living things on Earth. Let's plant trees for a greener future!



The education of young girls is key to achieve gender equality. Reducing children’s hunger during the school day increases attention span, facilitates learning, and does away with the need for children to leave school to find food. Girls are more affected by these conditions than their male classmates. By reducing girls' hunger especially on school days, we can contribute to the decrease of drop out students in affected areas.

Cult Mia will support girls in Yemen who are affected by poverty, hunger and civil war through our Cult Power donation scheme.



As climate change becomes more pronounced, and natural and man-made disasters occur more regularly and with greater intensity in the United States, access to safe drinking water is essential to safeguard the health and the well-being of vulnerable individuals. Our partner acts effectively to provide and deliver clean drinking water to people facing hardship in the United States. Access to water remains an ongoing and urgent requirement for everyone.

This initiative aims to help by delivering canned water to marginalized communities facing challenges in accessing drinking water due to natural or man-made disasters.



This project is held in Nepal where dogs suffer heavily from diseases. They also don't have any veterinary help. By working with different collaborators, we aim to vaccinate, treat and produce a healthy dog population.

Rabies is mainly infected through dog bites. Since 2006 mass vaccination against rabies is the new strategy implemented for rabies control by stray dogs instead of mass culling. We need to reach 70% vaccination coverage for eradication of rabies in the dog population.



See our previous donations here. We change our donations parters every 3 months, choosing causes that align with our company values and work towards the UN's sustainability initiatives.

4.5 m² of corals restored

More than a million animals and plant species live in coral reefs. 1 billion people live within 100 kilometers of reefs and are likely to benefit from the ecosystem services provided by reefs. Let’s rebuild them now!

4.5m of coral restored means restoring homes for millions of animal and plant species.

8,800 weeks of period protection

Over 2,000,000 women in France are facing menstrual precariousness. By collecting and distributing period protections to women in need, we give them access to this basic rights.

8,800 weeks of periodic protection, it is the equivalent of 17,600 women in difficulty helped, 26,400 distributed periodic protections.

573 grocery kits

Since the beginning of the conflicts in Ukraine, many poor elderly people living alone have found themselves in need. Let's act quickly for our seniors by providing them with basic necessities.

573 grocery kits offered, it is the equivalent of 573 people assisted, 573 days of food offered.

83.33hrs of childcare provided

We believe in having a positive impact, fighting racial inequalities and giving to those in need. This cause aims to provide disadvantaged single parents with childcare and allowing them to get to work.

83.33 h of childcare secured, it is the equivalent of 10 days available for work.

35.9 tonnes of CO₂ offset

Because reducing our greenhouse gas emissions is not always enough, it is also important to neutralize them. This is why we offer to support several via Gold Standard certified projects. Let's fight together for a more sustainable future!

35.9 tonnes of CO₂ offset, it is the equivalent of 178,064 km with a car.

335 notebooks offered

Many African girls don't go to or don't finish primary school because of poverty. Boys often have privileged access to school. For 15-24 years old in Sierra Leone, the literacy rate is 70.5% for male, and that only 52.1% for female.

335 notebooks offered, it is the equivalent of 15,075 days of school.

1,244 basic-needs kits

A powerful earthquake struck Turkey in Feb 2023, causing significant damage and displacing thousands of people. The earthquake further exacerbated the already challenging situation for those living in poverty, as many lost their homes and belongings.

1,244 Basic-needs kits provided , it is the equivalent of 622 families helped.

72 up-cycled accessories

More than 62% of our clothes end up in the landfill or are incinerated at the end of the product’s lifecycle. W.R.I says we burn or bury a bucket of clothes per second. Faced with textile waste, encouraging upcycling practices is a real solution for the future!

72 accessories, it is the equivalent of 4.2h of training, 432 g of saved cotton.