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Fashion leaders have their say

We reached out to some of the industry's leading fashion experts to get their recommendations on their go-to sustainable Cult-Eco picks for the season ahead.

When it comes to fashion, everyone wants to look good and feel good, but not at the cost of harming the planet. As we transition into the spring and summer months, it's the perfect time to rethink our shopping habits and opt for sustainable picks that are not only stylish but also gentle on the earth. We have gathered insights from fashion leaders in the industry who share their go-to sustainable Cult-Eco picks for the season ahead. Whether you're looking for inspiration to kick-start your conscious fashion journey or simply want to stay in the loop on sustainable trends, read on and discover what industry experts are loving for spring and summer 2023.

Amy Nelson-Bennet

Co-CEO at Positive Luxury

  1. Anyone that knows me, knows that I absolutely love a jumpsuit and this is perfect for the spring to summer transition.
  2. You can’t go wrong with a wardrobe staple shirt, the look and feel of this is exactly what I look for when searching for office outfits.
  3. I couldn’t help but choose a pair of boots, especially as they remind me of the very first pair I owned when I was younger, great to see this coming back around again


Sapna Rao

Fashion & beauty writer at Sheerluxe


“From a striped waistcoat and trousers suit for work or the weekend, to a seriously cool printed summer dress - and a chunky Pearl necklace too - my favorites from Cult Mia’s ‘Cult Eco’ curation are statement pieces that’ll add some real impact to my spring and summer wardrobe.”


Jennifer Mcking

Celebrity stylist

  1. This is one of my favorite Cult Mia piece’s. I love the way it has been designed and the unique fringe adds depth and layers to the garment that can be styled up in a very creative way.
  2. Brooklyn New York is one of my favorite places in the world and these boots are 100% a representation of the edgy and fashionable nature of Brooklyn itself. I love boots that have character and these boots are so bad ass! They make me want to take over the world!
  3. If you didn’t know I am actually Congolese. Growing up, people in my culture would love to wear cow prints in a very high fashion way including my mother. This bag is super sexy and is definitely a statement piece. You could style this in many different ways and it will add substance to your outfit. And of course, it reminds me of my beautiful Congolese culture so it is an automatic favorite pick!


Sophia Katyea

Creative Director, Producer, and Stylist


  1. This leather midi dress captures everything I want to embody for Spring/Summer. Synonymous with a classic and timeless look, this style is also tapping into a new breed of cool girl dominance - defining itself as villain-era chic. Fashion's ultimate suit of armour.
  2. I’ve been obsessed with these longer-line tops over the last few months. I feel like this piece is so perfect as the material is a bit more casual, but the style is still elevated. Perfect day-to-night top, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it styled with a double or triple denim look!
  3. I couldn’t possibly go without picking a favorite piece that pays homage to the fashion of the Cowboys. I’m a sucker for anything that gives a nod to the old Western aesthetic. I want a little touch of "All the Pretty Horses" in every look this season. Could also pair nicely with denim or leather, making this the perfect trifecta of pieces to have at the core of your wardrobe for summer.
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