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Fine jewelry, just in time for valentine's day

For the jewelry lovers out there, we found your next obsession. We’ve launched our fine jewelry category, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Meet NAiiA, our first fine jewelry designer - that is break the internet (and hearts) with versatile, delicate pieces that will upgrade any look.

Founded in hopes of creating a fine jewelry line that empowers and inspires women to feel elevated and bold, NAiiA was created. Raised in a multicultural home, the designer’s unique style was born. From stackable rings to layered necklaces and chains, her designs are one-of-kind and diverse. Each piece is carefully designed, combining elements of strength, timelessness, and femininity. Today, she’s giving an exclusive behind the scenes and revealing how NAiiA came to be.

What is the story behind the brand? How did you land on creating fine jewelry?

“Growing up I was considered a tomboy—can you believe that?! My first love was basketball and the activity I dreaded most was shopping. But it didn’t take long after high school for my interests to change. It was the influence of my older sister, a real fashionista, and beginning to take an interest in her future career as a stylist, that led me to not only love basketball, but to enjoy jewelry shopping. I remember never being interested in the clothes that she would share with me, but instead fixated on the jewelry that she would bring back from her shoots. As my father likes to say, “she traded in her sneakers for heels.” Today, my love for basketball may not be as strong, but in creating NAiiA, my goal has been to create jewelry that celebrates and inspires the evolutionary beauty of women and design - tomboy or not, our handmade jewelry is for you.” 

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

“Nature is my biggest inspiration. Naturally, I am always observing my environment and appreciating the beauties that surround me. Whether I am in my hometown Los Angeles, California, or abroad, I am always getting inspired and looking for new collection ideas. With every design, my goal is to portray the beauty that I witness and feel, while simultaneously creating authentic generational pieces that will be with you forever.”
Images from Pinterest

What is the inspiration behind “Deep Sea Lover”?

“Our first collection, Deep Sea Lover, is inspired by the ocean and its natural essence. Each piece from this line incorporates mother of pearl -  the protection stone of the sea. It’s our belief that pearls are always appropriate no matter the occasion!”

What are your 3 favorite pieces and why they’re special?

Moonridge Earrings 

“When you think of Pearl jewelry, a traditional design comes to mind. Our Moonridge earrings are our take on a more versatile piece of pearl jewelry that can be worn to brunch, and then out to dinner that same day.”

Sade Earrings

“Who said chains always have to look so classic? We created a chain earring that not everyone already has. The Sade earrings are a perfect balance of classic yet bold.”


Zane Necklace

“Like all jewelry lovers, we love to layer our necklaces. Our Zane necklace comes layered, making for a subtle twist on a classic diamond necklace that can either be worn alone, or with other necklaces.”


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