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For the ones you want to stand out. Personalization just landed.

We’ve always been on the hunt for the unique for you. We’re taking one-of-a-kind finds to the next level. Personalize your pieces with a name, nickname, or initials in any language and you will receive it  your doorstep in just 2 weeks.
Add your name on a pop-art inspired clutch, stamp it on to a bright festival hat, or for someone special as the most memorable gift they will ever receive.
All of our Personizable pieces are made to order. This is more sustainable as it helps reduce surplus stock. 
 Geenpeace says “Around 300,000 tonnes of used clothes are burned or buried in landfill each year.” This waste in the  fashion industry comes from extra stock that is created and then not bought. Choosing pieces that are made-to-order means  not only shopping more consciously but the item will be produced especially for YOU.
When creating made-to-order pieces our brands want to make sure you have a personal experience whilst giving you a one of a kind purchase- who doesn’t love to have something no one else can.  It doesn’t have to be boring just because it is sustainable.
Even when it comes to clothing we want to give you the option to be able to buy clothes that are the perfect fit. Not having to compromise on those stand out pieces. This is something you can’t get when shopping off the rack.

Design your new accessory from us today.
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