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Free shipping and returns worldwide. Sign up and receive 10% OFF your first order.
Free shipping and returns worldwide. Sign up and receive 10% OFF your first order.
How to shop the drop

How to shop the drop

We have mastered the art of dropping what you want exactly when you want it. We're spilling the tea on how our drops work.


We look at hundreds of brands every week - from Cape Town to Moscow. 
Considering quality, trends, price, distinctive design and craftsmanship to bring you the brands that deserve to be known from around the globe. 
When you’re looking for new brands, where do you start the hunt and how do you check the quality?  Let us make the search hassle-free. We know it takes too much time to discover the top batch of new designers. 


We want to know what you want to shop and when. So we get your input to curate the perfect drop for you. (Get voting on our This or That Thursday polls tomorrow.)  
Our drops are always centered around a topical theme (lastly Staycation during COVID-19).
Like, tag or share the brands you want to see on Cult Mia and we will bring them home to you.


We take you to new places, so that you can discover new designers, new products and new stories. 
Every Monday - always discover something or someone new. 
Curation, curation curation - we won’t overwhelm you with thousands of sterile products. We carefully handpick pieces and bring them to life through designer spotlights for you to meet. 


International shipping, imports and duties can be a pain... We make it hassle-free and reduce the costs for you so you can get your Colombian statement earrings at the best price possible.
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