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INSIDER LOOK: Our White Elephant Gift Exchange

Our recent White Elephant Gifting Event at Louie London in Covent Garden was a dazzling celebration, marking the launch of our newest drop: Wrapped Wonders. This event not only unveiled our latest exclusive pieces  by Nué Studio but also brought together our favorite girls, creating an atmosphere of festive joy and gifting. 


The enchanting ambiance of Louie London served as the perfect canvas for the unveiling of our Wrapped Wonders. Nestled in Covent Garden, the restaurant provided a picturesque backdrop for an evening filled with surprises, creating an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Wrapped Wonders Event
From left to right: @sharmanewilson is wearing the Cult Mia X Nué Studio Kaia Set and received the Otillie and Ocenia Silk Scrunchie Set ,@andreacheong received the Joanna Andraos Black Diamond Blazer standing beside our girl  @paolaraco.


FIRST LOOK: Our exclusive collaboration with Nué Studio:

The event was elevated by the impeccable style of our girls, who donned the exclusive new capsule collection from Nué Studio. These fashionable ladies not only showcased the latest trends but also infused the gathering with a unique sense of style, setting the tone for a stylish and festive celebration. 

White Elephant Gift Exchange

 From left to right: @bianca.h0lland is wearing the Denim Blazer with Knitted Sleeves received the Belted Mohair Pink Coat, @ambikadhr wearing the  Aggi Black Dress and received the Knot-Bag@andreacheong_ wearing the Cult Mia X Nué Studio Corset Top and received the Joanna Andraos Black Diamond Blazer.


WHAT’S ON THE MENU: The gift of good food

The evening unfolded with the free flow of Margaritas and Negronis, complemented by delectable French sharing plates served by Loui London's outstanding waitstaff. The combination of exquisite cocktails and culinary delights (our favorite was the mini brioche burgers!) enhanced the overall experience, creating a memorable and delightful dining atmosphere.

Loui Restaurant

GIFT EXCHANGE: Time to get into the season of giving

The White Elephant Gift Exchange took center stage, adding an element of excitement to the festivities. Each guest, armed with a designated number, eagerly awaited their turn to unwrap a present. A clever turn in the proceedings allowed participants to exchange gifts, introducing an element of surprise and adding an unexpected twist to the event.

White Elephant Gift ExchangeFrom left to right: @rosielai is wearing the Red Dazed Maxi Dress and received the Purple Klein Vannifique Mini Bag
@tobi_ojora is wearing the Lavender Handmade Knitted Set and received the Beige Handmade Palomino Beaded Bag.


SPOTLIGHT ON: The Belted Mohair Coat

A highlight of the evening was when one of our renowned girls, Cat Roberts, unveiled a present containing our coveted Lalo Belted Mohair oat. Her genuine excitement and delight resonated with everyone present, adding an extra layer of glamour to an already fabulous event.

White Wrapped Event@cat_roberts_ received the Belted Mohair Coat

Our White Elephant Gifting Event at Louie London was a delightful affair, marked by a sense of togetherness and the warmth of shared experiences. The successful launch of Wrapped Wonders left a lasting impression on all attendees. As we concluded the festivities, the festive atmosphere lingered, fuelling our excitement for more upcoming events and stylish moments in the future.

White Elephant Exchange Future ImageFrom left to right: @majamalnar is wearing the Sean Sheila Tailored Corset Suit.
@isabella_charlotta is wearing the Cult Mia x Nué Studio Bianca Top and @andreacheong wearing the Cult Mia X Nué Studio Corset Top
@amirahstrand sitting beside our girl @paolaraco.

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