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Introducing our pre-loved collection

Why settle for retro when you can have the real thing, and do good for the planet.

At Cult Mia, we’re conscious of the impact that fashion production has. Shopping pre-owned pieces is one of the first steps towards environmentally friendly shopping and reducing current pollution levels, produced by the fashion industry. The growth in the resale market started in the early 2000s but, according to ThreadUp’s 2020 report, the biggest growth will occur in the next 5 years. Resale is expected to double by 2026.
The increasing demand on buying pre-owned pieces caught our attention because we want to be part of the solution. As London is currently the #1 vintage fashion hotspot, it was the perfect place for Cult Mia to scout our first pre-loved curation. From hand-stitched, upcycled salvaged fabric handbags to 1950s vintage Murano glass vases - it's clear that beauty never fades. These are forever treasures that will never go out of fashion. 
With fashion icons like the Duchess of Sussex and Kim Kardashian embracing the trend, there is a bright future for vintage shopping. Nowadays, over 70% of the global population wears secondhand clothes. As a result, the vintage, reused, and recycled clothing industry is responsible for saving over 1 million tons of textiles from ending up in landfills each year.
Finally, fast fashion encourages the “throw away” culture. We start to believe that we need to shop more to stay on trend.  In America, 75% of pre-consumer textile waste is recycled by manufacturers, but only 15% of post-consumer textile waste is recycled. Reusing and upcycling fabrics can help minimize this percentage dramatically.
Designers like Remie Studio are contributing to the cause, by salvaging as many textiles as possible and turning them into new, beautiful handbags. The pieces are handmade into one-of-a-kind tote bags, ready to be cherished by you. Each one-of-a-kind, these bags are closer to art pieces, than accessories.
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