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Latin American destination shopping

We’re back from our Latin American tour and we’re here to give you the rundown on our latest scouts. Change of season, end of lockdown, bored in the house... there are too many reasons to give yourself and (in this case) your jewelry box an upgrade. 
While we can’t take you to a beach, we zipped to Bogota, Medellin, and Caracas for you. We brought home  the top three jewelry designers that guarantee best bling that no one else has (yet). The common trend is beading, in every form and technique. The attention to detail these designers give their handcrafted jewelry makes each piece a work of art.  Meet  the most talented independent and artisanal Colombian jewelry designers of the season..
Bocanegra is a zero waste brand that innovates, and empowers women who want to accentuate their femininity and elegance. What makes Bocanegra unique is the language of patterns. Polyhedric combination of colors, sizes, and textures are created from a leitmotif hexagon silhouette using special glass beads.
Locally handcrafted, ethically sourced and consciously designed, Mäha & Morena is a Colombian jewelry brand founded by Carolina Barrientos. Born into a family of generations of goldsmiths, she decided to create Mäha & Morena after a 6-month trip around the world. 'Being able to get to know all these cultures inspired me to create a brand where art, culture, craft and design converge'. Discover her timeless pieces with an exquisite bohemian flair.
Susana Vega is a Venezuelan Jewelry Designer settled in Texas. The origin of her art and trade in goldsmithing is very tangible and evident. The simplicity of her pieces opens the doors to elegance, style and expression of personality, everyone who exhibits one of these pieces, is clearly expressing herself, is reciting the speech of herself and every woman, emotional and subtle, yet strong, powerful and elegant, all in one. Susana Vega manages to unite all the women in each piece that she creates in a personal way, connecting with each of them through her art, and, above all, with herself.
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