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Latin American fashion scouting with our founder

Our founder, Nina B-H, spent the past weeks back home in her vibrant hometown, Mexico City, discovering the Latin American brands that deserve to be known. She is giving us...

Our founder, Nina B-H, spent the past weeks back home in her vibrant hometown, Mexico City, discovering the Latin American brands that deserve to be known. She is giving us a rundown of the designers that caught her eye and will be dropping on our platform in the coming weeks. We’re excited to support these designers and the communities that they are lifting up. 

Palo de Yucca 

Caught our eye because:
Artisanally made, the brand works with different indigenous communities within Mexico to make one-of-a-kind handcrafted hats. “For winter, I loved this suede hat with the fur pompom - really fun, unique and playful,” says Nina. Palo de Yucca has an amazing brand story that we want to back. At the brand’s core is the initiative to give back to various local communities in need: Shapi, the designer, works with artisans throughout Mexico to continuously create innovative products and projects which include each community's cultural identity.

Proyecto República 

caught our eye because: 
Proyecto’s mission couldn’t hit closer to home:  sourcing sustainable Latin American fashion with a purpose. We’re partnering with our first platform to combine forces in spotlighting the next generation of Latin American brands that are conscious, while not compromising style. Proyecto is taking us to new places that we haven’t been to before. Discover brand-new brands you haven’t heard of, but should have from Peru, Argentina and El Salvador.


caught our eye because:
Bani developed a unique knitting technique that is only seen in these bags worldwide. Each bag can take up to 1 day to be made, entirely by hand, and is produced by master artisans with superior craftsmanship and highest quality materials. “We have found the unique with Bani,” says Nina. The bags can be styled year round and the large totes perfect to take on any trip.

Lorena Saravia

caught our eye because:
We’re longtime admirers and have been working with Lorena Saravia for over 1 year now. The white leather cowboy boots were a 2020 best-seller (we’re impatiently waiting for them to be restocked!). Highest quality: detailed suede jackets to perfection and leather fringe skirts are season-less - style for winter or spring. Lorena's version of "El Charro" boots, which have been infamous in Mexico for generations, keeping the cowboy tradition alive in a very contemporary way. They are handmade in a town called Naulinco, Veracruz. They have been producing them for generations!


caught our eye because:
We’re staying in and can’t wait to cozy up in this new (3 month old) (in)activewear brand - you saw it here first, just before you see it everywhere. Stash and snuggle - on the couch, on a grocery run, wherever your heart desires. Wear it together as a nighttime statement or a part. Bonus points: match with your partners (and add on embroidered initials).

“I’ve found that many times people think shopping locally in a country like Mexico means sombreros and ponchos. There’s incredible talent, exceptional quality and innovative design in Mexico - a growing high fashion hub - that I am excited for you to discover more of. Our fashion team has handpicked the Latin America brands that we will onboard in the next few weeks. I hope you’re excited for the drop!” - Nina BH, Founder

Discover our latest scout: Palo de Yucca

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