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Le Monde Béryl - A history of Venetian sandals

Don’t think about ditching, think about upgrading your work-from-home slides, as you spend more time outdoors this summer. The trendiest shoes you could wear this season are proving that the easy-to-wear and comfortable shoes have a key place in fashion.

We’ve chosen Le Monde Beryl, as our go-to slipper label. London-based, the brand draws inspiration from the rich cultural patchwork of the Silk Route, with Venice as its starting point. Co-founded by Lily Atherton Hanbury and Katya Shyfrin, the unique brand creates handmade footwear in Italy using traditional techniques and decorative craftsmanship. 

Le Monde Beryl launched in 2016 with their twist on the classic Venetian gondolier's slipper. The furlane slipper originated during WW2 and intertwined Venetian style with wartime austerity. Originally, the slippers were created from scraps of velvet or felt and rubber from old tires - creating something beautiful and functional from what already existed.  Le Monde Beryl's concept was to look back in order to create something new. The shared themes of tradition and reinvention are what interlink the brand with the original Venetian slipper. The origin behind the name “Le Monde Beryl” references a family of gemstones long considered talismanic to travelers and artists. It also pays homage to pioneering adventurer Béryl Markham - the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic from east to west.

Using the finest Italian leather and luxury fabrics, Le Monde Beryl provides a new take on the Venetian footwear form with as minimal waste as possible. Textiles from Venice, design flourishes from ancient Egypt, or Neo-Baroque stylings are carefully woven into the range of pieces, all handmade in Italy using traditional techniques in collaboration with master craftspeople. The slipper can be endlessly adapted, while retaining practicality and durability.
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