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Leather pieces to invest in

From long trench coats to statement pants, leather is here to elevate your looks. Discover this autumn staple like you have never before.

Drawing inspiration from the matrix attire in the late 90s, the leather on leather trend came back twenty years later, in fall 2019. We now know that it’s a trend that’s here to stay. From long trench coats to statement trousers, leather will elevate any look. Discover this season’s staple like you have never before.

T-H-E leather piece to invest in? 

A rising star in Spain, Mon & Pau is known for its timeless, high quality, leather pieces. We’re bringing the brand worldwide: Mon & Pau are the leather pieces to invest in this year. Why? While leather trousers can be hard to shop, Mon & Pau cuts the most flattering pieces that are also the most comfortable to wear. The votes are in, and Mon & Pau trousers are most likely to fit just RIGHT.

Looking for vegan leather? 

Meet Salakaia - our favorite vegan leather brand. What’s trending from Salakaia’s collection? Their one-of-a-kind vegan leather trench coats, cut delicately to get bold silhouettes. They have become Cult favorites amongst our fashion team and our influencer community Ani Pkhakadze, who has been wearing these trenches since the brand launched in 2014. 
Dropping on Monday, 5 October. Blink and you’ll miss it.
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