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Positive Luxury X Cult Mia

We are working to embed and activate sustainability within our organisation. Earlier this month we began the process of being certified for Positive Luxury’s Butterfly Mark – the luxury industry’s leading sustainability certification.
The Butterfly Mark is earned by luxury businesses in recognition of their positive impact on society and our planet. This process should take around 4-6 months as it is based on verified practices within our company and supply chain, in the areas of environmental, social, governance and innovation.

We will understand what we are doing well and where we still have room to grow. If you have any questions about our current sustainability practices, please leave a comment below.
Positive Luxury has been certifying luxury brands since 2011. Their mission is to create a sustainable future for luxury by checking out luxury brands so you don’t have to, building trust within their community. Brands must be independently verified and provide proof of meeting the highest quality of sustainability practices across ESG+: Environmental, Social, Governance, and Innovation in order to receive the butterfly mark.

The Butterfly Mark is only awarded to luxury brands that go above and beyond to meet standards of sustainability, verified innovation, social and environmental performance. It shows our transparency in showing  you the ways to make more informed purchasing decisions. 
We will keep our community updated on our progress.
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