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The handmade edit: A love story

Every handcrafted piece tells a story and Cult Mia is here to share them. In a time where fashion trends are being replicated and mass-produced, it’s easy to forget how special it is to find brands that value tradition and embrace true craftsmanship. From the cutting of patterns to the sewing of buttons, handmade clothes require precision and time, so if you’re a fan of the slow fashion movement like us, the Handmade Edit won’t disappoint.
Sarah’s Bag
Caught our eye because:
Sarah’s Bag is the epitome of everything fashion should stand for today. The 100% handcrafted bags have been no stranger to us and they shouldn’t be to you either. Sarah Beydoun empowers underprivileged women in Lebanon, while dishing out trendy designs and high-quality craft you can’t refuse. These one-of-a-kind bags are a must! Bags can take up to 150 hours to be made. You can find our exclusive Sarah's bag x cult mia le freak clutch and Sarah's bag x cult mia lucky clutch in our Handmade Edit.

Adriana Castro
Caught our eye because:
Sustainability is at the heart of Adriana Castro and we couldn’t be more obsessed with their timeless collection.  The Colombian-born brand focuses on creating high quality pieces with their dedication to the slow luxury process and creative traditions . If you’re looking for a classic statement piece in your wardrobe then Adriana Castro has got you covered. The fearless and feminine products are created by the delicate weaving of sustainable materials by the magic hands of artisans. The beauty of Adriana Castro’s pieces is that they really are timeless treasures.

Caught our eye because:
One of our Cult Classics, Andreeva showcases an exclusive selection of hand-knitted pieces that celebrate femininity and empowerment. Something we can’t help but love about Andreeva’s designs are their high-quality yarn and unique knitting techniques. Even better is they’re inclusive to all body shapes and sizes! Olga & Marina Andreev’s handmade clothing  is a demonstration of why hand-curated fabrics and delicate workmanship is so important to hold onto in this industry.

caught our eye because:
The perfect tote for summer - Bani’s totes make a great staple piece with any outfit if you’re hoping to turn heads this season. The first thing you’ll notice about these totes is their unique knitting technique and bold colours. The artisan creation process can take a full day to make one of their distinctive bags, but the wait is tote-ally worth it. 
Sustainable fashion is making a statement in the fashion industry, so why not support the slow fashion movement by adding a one-of-a-kind statement piece to your outfit. With brands like Sarah’s Bag, Adriana Castro and Bani in Cult Mia’s Handmade Edit, it’s clear high-quality, beautiful accessories are just a click away. Fashion that’s trendy and sustainable? It's a win win.
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