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Two Years in the Making: Cult Causes has Launched

Cult Mia is officially a values-driven platform, we want to give you the opportunity to shop based on the causes and values that YOU care about. Based on the brands...

Cult Mia is officially a values-driven platform, we want to give you the opportunity to shop based on the causes and values that YOU care about. Based on the brands you’ve asked us to champion and products you’ve shopped, we’ve honed in on four key platform values.

Cult Conscious

We care about the people making your pieces. Our brands do too. No matter where they are located, our brands look after their craftsmen. Other brands that we work with like to give back to communities we want to support via donations.

Who better to spotlight for Cult Conscious than Sarah’s Bag? One-of-a-kind designs, traditional techniques, and new materials - Sarah’s Bag is this and more. The label is a social enterprise which employs female workers all over Lebanon to provide you with 100% handmade bags. An artisan can work up to 25 hours on a single piece from Sarah’s Bag to bring these designs to life.

Cult Eco

With sustainability at the core of our agenda, we love supporting brands that are reducing their carbon footprint. We know that it is a transition and learning process. We also know that every effort counts. Our sustainable brands are committed to be part of the change that the fashion industry needs and make sustainable practices the new normal. 35% of our brands are made-to-order and have committed to minimizing waste by working only with demand-led inventories.
We’re spotlighting Cosheroom for Cult Eco. The label’s products are handcrafted in Latvia and finished in London, where the craftsmen are paid fairly and have positive working conditions. The Cosheroom brand makes every effort to reuse and recycle any remaining materials. Sustainable packaging is used and sustainable products are implemented on a regular basis. The ostrich farm that provides the exquisite feathers is located in Africa: key to Cosehroom’s mission is partnering and supporting a farm that takes great care of their animals.

Cult Power 

As an all female team, we are constantly promoting and supporting minority-owned businesses, from female to LGBT and black-owned. We equally want to ensure that as a platform and through our brands, we remind minorities of their sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others.

We found that NAiiA fits in too well with Cult Power. Female-led, NAiiA was started by Nicky Shemian with the goal of developing a fine jewellery line that empowers and encourages women to feel uplifted and fearless. The label is committed to making a creative impact, while also investing in women entrepreneurs. NAiiA donates a portion of every purchase to "Ladies Who Launch”, a non-profit organization devoted to educating, inspiring, and providing women in the entrepreneurial community access to resources that will help launch and grow their business.

Cult Local

We honor the local craftsmen and heritage behind our pieces. Our brands celebrate the rich heritage that inspire their collections, whether locally or from overseas. Each piece tells a story and takes you on a cultural journey.

The best match for Cult Local is Liya. Every piece by Liya is made to last for a lifetime. With quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship, Liya aims to develop accessories and jewellery with attention to details and always with love. Contemporary wear with the spirit to re-imagine the past into the future, tailored to your unique style.

To celebrate the shift to being a values-driven platform, we’re officially awarding  Sarah’s Bag as the Cult Causes brand of 2021! We’re incredibly humbled and deeply impressed by the work Sarah does. We’ve loved championing the brand that represents our four values, so much so that we’ve designed an exclusive capsule collection to embody each value together.


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