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A letter from our founder, Nina

We are thrilled to have celebrated our 3rd birthday with you, all throughout the month of October! 
Here’s a recap of the birthday perks that we shared with you. We hope that you enjoyed:
  • Discovering our exclusives capsule collection that we launched for you. We worked with your favorite designers to create exclusive pieces based on what you have loved to shop the most on Cult Mia. Did you know that more than 60% of products that you see on our platform are listed exclusively in some way? Whether we bring brands online for the first time, introduce them to new markets, or design pieces together, we are all about catching trends, styles, and designers before they're everywhere to keep you looking fresh and always ahead of the game.
  • Voting for the overall brand of the year, and the brands that best represent our four platform values. In case you missed the awards celebrations, here’s a recap of the 2022 winners - huge congratulations to Monika Dimova
  • Redeeming a long, exciting list of new perks via our Cult Curators Loyalty Program, freshly launched in October to give you that unique VIP experience, catered to you. 
Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or just joined us recently, on behalf of our team, I want to thank you for your support throughout our journey. It has been an amazing three years, thanks to you. We are here because of you, and we are more inspired than ever to curate conversation-starting pieces that you will love now, and 20 years from now. 
Cult Mia is all about community. We loved celebrating with you! 
3 years in, we’ve brought you more than 400 brands, from 42 different countries, across 14 product categories. 5000+ pieces woven with stories to be owned, told, and strutted down the street. Always ethical, and always putting individuality first. Because we think good fashion tells a story, but great fashion helps you explore your own.


We have #CultMia shoppers around the world - from influencers to friends - who share and back our vision of shopping for limited edition, unique, global fashion, safe in the knowledge that all products and brands align with the values you care about. 
You might already know or you might be wondering, why is our business called Cult Mia? Mia in Spanish means mine and Cult Mia is here to make things your own. We’ve seen that more and more shoppers want unique finds and stories behind the clothing and items they wear. I don’t know if the same thing happens to you, but whenever anyone asks me about what I am wearing, it’s never about my high street boots. It’s always about my hand-knitted mohair coat from Georgia. I used to have to disappoint and explain that you need to travel to Tbilisi to get it... 
Now I can say: step into Cult Mia, step into your main-character energy. And when a stranger asks: “What are you wearing?” Say: I’m wearing Cult Mia. Let me tell you my story. It’s extraordinary.
Best wishes,
Nina, Founder at Cult Mia 
PS - As a business, we always want to hear from you to make our shopping experience more personalized for you. Drop us a note!
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