From developing our Cult Causes to becoming Positive Luxury Certified, follow us on our journey, as we strive to make luxury more sutainable and socially conscious.


What if you could access limited edition, unique, global fashion, safe in the knowledge that all products and brands align to the values you care about?

We're officially a values-driven platform.
Our shopping experience has changed, giving you the ability to shop products and brands based on the cause you want to support.
Via Cult Causes, we are only onboarding brands that align with at least one of our four key values (environmental sustainability, minority empowerment, social consciousness and protecting local heritage craft). 
This is the way that we will highlight our platform values, our commitment to encourage more conscious purchases, and how we will work towards the UN's Sustainable Development Goals with our brands.



500 Designers.
46 Countries.
20 Categories.
4 Values.
500 Designers.
46 Countries.
20 Categories.
4 Values.
500 Designers.
46 Countries.
20 Categories.
4 Values.



With sustainability at the core of our agenda, we love supporting brands that are reducing their carbon footprint. We know that it is a transition and learning process. We also know that every effort counts. Our sustainable brands are committed to be part of change that fashion industry needs and make sustainable practices the new normal. 35% of our brands are made-to-order and have committed to minimizing waste by working only with demand-led inventories. Some of our brands are re-envisioning sustainable materials, designing pieces out of vegan leather, faux furs, lyocell and other alternative fabrics.



We care about the people making your pieces. Our brands do too. No matter where they are located, our brands look after their craftsmen. Social enterprise and leading Lebanese handbag label, Sarah's Bag, is the perfect example. The brand employs over 100 female ex-prisoners in Lebanon to carefully hand-bead one-of-a-kind statement bags. Sarah's Bag's mission is changing the lives of the women employed, while bringing the most unique, intricate handbags to market across the globe. Other brands that we work with like to give back to communities we want to support via donations.



As an all female team, we are constantly promoting and supporting minority-owned businesses, from female to LGBT and Black-owned. We are the platform for growth for minority-led fashion labels and provide support every step of the way, from digital marketing, logistics to accounting. We equally want to ensure that as a platform and through our brands, we remind minorities of their sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others. Many of our brands do just that and are a constant reminder of how much we can achieve.



We honor the local craftsmen and heritage behind our pieces. Our brands celebrate the rich heritage that inspire their collections, whether locally or from overseas. Each piece tells a story and takes you on a cultural journey. Take jewelry label Lynyer for example: pieces are designed in London, meticulously handcrafted in India and Lebanon by master artisans, and worn by you all over the globe.



We're striving to become even more sustainable and socially conscious everyday, and like most this is a journey that has no end point. We vow to conitnually strive to be and deliver the best that we can.

We strive to be more sustainable through all aspects of you businesses. Whether it be carbon offsetting our shipping or becoming recently certified by Positive Luxury.


Here's how we're going so far | Come join us on our journey


We designed and launched new exclusives based on what you loved to shop the most. More than 65% of what you can shop on Cult Mia is exclusive to the platform in some way (no awkward outfit clashes here!). 85% of these designs were also made to order, meaning no excess production waste.

Cult Causes

We launched Cult Causes and started exclusively onboarding brands that adhere to our values of sustainability and socially conscious practices.


We stood by our Ukrainian brands, helping with operations and donating to support those affected. We also donated a portion of sales during March to help those affected.

Positive Luxury Certified

We became Positive Luxury Certified. We've now earned the Butterfly Mark and we're excited to give you more visibility on the sustainable criteria behind the products we list.

Made-To-Measure Launch

We launched our Made-to-Measure offering via a London pop-up store! We're proud of this digital, bespoke sustainable offering, promoting size inclusivity and less production waste.

Drapers' 2022 Best Independent Retailer Winner

We won an award! Humbled and energized to have received Drapers' 2022 Best Independent Retailer.

We Go Carbon Neutral

We began offsetting our operations carbon footprint, with the help of Planet and also adopted recycled low waste packaging.

We Said No To Black Friday

We said NO to Black Friday and hosted our first-ever Sample Sale (in person in London and online!). We're excited to organize more sample sales for you in 2023 with even more brands and undiscovered styles.

Supporting Our Communites

We supported new causes, including Girls Out Loud and Dress for Success, via donations and excess stock from our our sample sale, in collaboration with our designers.

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