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Designer Spotlight: Janashia

Designer Spotlight: Janashia

We’ve been thinking about how to bring you the pieces that you don’t know you need, YET. We’re thinking ahead and discovered retro-futuristic  Janashia- the ready-to-wear and jewelry label made for the daring woman who knows her own identity. Equally for the woman looking to reinvent herself this season. 
Georgian fashion designer, Gvantsa Janashia, launched her namesake label in January 2015. Creating retro-futuristic pieces, the designer looks to the past to create the future. Janashia adds her own personal touch to every collection. Inspiration comes from everywhere, but the designer is particularly passionate about the art around her. The final product is a mix of vibrant colors, ethereal fabrics, and newsworthy textures (with a vintage feel). 

The key to Janashia’s pieces? Wearability and versatility. 

Every piece is made having you in mind. As bold as every piece can be, it can always be worn with a variety of other items that will make it feel fresh and new. Take the black asymmetric bustier, pair with pants and a blazer for a bold business casual look and with a mini skirt for late night drinks. 

Janashia’s jewelry is it’s most versatile product category, where necklaces can be worn as bracelets and even belts. These pieces are meant to be styled and played with as you please. The versatile piece we're obsessed with is the Matilda necklace that we have been styling in so many different ways to dress up and down our weekend looks. Discover all the pieces to love now.
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