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Jewelry for every style

Jewelry for every style

At Cult Mia, we never settle for the same. Our team is a diverse, savvy group of women, bringing different styles and skills to the table. 
Each Cult Mia team member has handpicked their favorite two jewelry pieces based on their personal styles. Whatever your jewelry style, we’ve got you covered. Whose style is most similar to yours?
Nina - Founder & CEO - Style: ‘Always trending’
 “In our new normal, I am scouting for jewelry that's on-trend, but timeless (in case I don't get to wear the pieces too much this year!). Both earrings are really easy to style - gold and pearls go with everything - dressing up or down any look."
Jewelry picks:
 Francesca - E-commerce Manager - Style: ‘Trendy with a twist’ 
“I love trendy jewelry, with a surprising and interesting twist. Both pieces offer a re-envisioned take on some of the most popular styles. While I like to follow trends, I prefer to take my own spin on trends - making them my own. For something that feels really different - checkout my favorite two earrings of the season.”
Jewelry picks:

 Natalia - Brand Associate - Style: ‘Old school glamour’
“I’ve always been a fan of vintage styles & shapes of jewelry. I’m always discovering designers that combine that vintage essence, with a more contemporary look.”
Jewelry picks:

Andrea -Marketing and PR account manager - Style: ‘Bold Wanderlust’ 
 “I love to wear standout pieces that complete every look. Both of the earrings that I selected are conversation starters and come from designers that are local superstars and deserve to be known. While I can't travel to Beirut or Cartagena right now, these pieces are bold souvenirs.”
Jewelry picks:

 Grisi - Brand Partnerships Manager - Style: ‘Playful Chic’
“These are the perfect summer earrings and choker - I love simple silhouettes that let you stand out elegantly. I am all about jewelry that complements you and lets you shine.  Dress these up or down, they will always complete an outfit.”
Jewelry picks:

Rufaro - E-commerce Summer Intern - style feminine classic’
“I love to choose dainty feminine pieces that are very minimal and classic, versatile for both day and night. These earrings add a little flair to any outfit, without being too loud or bold.
Jewelry picks:

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