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Our anniversary collection

All good things must come to an end - thank you for celebrating our anniversary month with us. It’s been a great year full of one-of-a-kind fashion delivered to your...

All good things must come to an end - thank you for celebrating our anniversary month with us. It’s been a great year full of one-of-a-kind fashion delivered to your doorstep. We chose to spotlight brands that represent us the most. Discover the very first Cult Mia branded curation below, showcasing 10 handpicked designers.
Carmen Llaguno: Carmen Llaguno studio is a constant love affair with the finer materials. Luxe minimalism, immaculate fabrics with a refined modern aesthetic that is feminine, yet never boring. For the second time, Cult Mia is championing this label that celebrates a slower pace and process. The production process is hyperlocal to create unique luxury pieces that are handmade with the finest materials. Brand's silks are non-toxic, removing chemicals that not only harm our planet, but also our skin. The designer guarantees that “pieces will light up the room”.
Natia x Lako: A collaboration between Natia Khutsishvili and Lako Bukia, the brand was born under the idea to create expressive shaped feminine earrings. It was made for women who want to express their individuality and stand out from the crowd. A London College of Fashion and Parsons graduate, Lako is the designer behind luxury label Lako Bukia, shown at LFW for 4 seasons, as well as in various catwalks in Paris, Berlin, Kiev. A growing celebrity favorite in the US, yet fresh to the UK, these handcrafted pieces inspired by animals caught Cult Mia’s eye.
VienSo: VienSo is a London-based contemporary womenswear label founded by creative duo Virginia Achenza and Sol Matossian in October 2019. Bonding over a shared love for fashion, nightlife, and travel, Virginia and Sol wanted to capture the elegance of their grandmothers; the style icons that inspire them. All pieces are named after cocktails and are intended to be collected thoughtfully and treasured over seasons and years to come. Prioritizing quality over quantity, each garment is an edition of only 24. Cult Mia is championing this strategy that aims to preserve a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity.
Mon & Pau: Cult Mia’s fashion team voted Mon & Pau’s leather basics as most likely to fit just right. The product line now spans suede, leather and cashmere essential trousers, sweaters and jumpers, this is the go-to brand for your head to toe monochrome look. Designer Paulina tells us, “all you need to pack for a trip is Mon & Pau, we have you completely covered.”
Paulina Echeverri: Cult Mia is bringing the designer back a second time due to popular demand from the community. Paula Quintero shares her thoughts on her collaboration with Cult Mia, “we believe in strong and powerful women working together and that’s exactly what Cult Mia represents; we know that together we are strong and we are so excited to collaborate with this amazing team for a second time. Jewelry isn’t going to change the world, but the women who wear the pieces will.”
Phialebel: Inspired by their grandmothers' collections of vintage bags, emerging designer duo Belen Perez Torres and Leticia Vázquez launched their first collection of timeless and contemporary pieces in 2018. The designer duo always envisioned distinctive handbags where tradition and innovation came together to achieve contemporary refinement. The fashion team picked up on the excellence in innovation and leather craftsmanship, combined with on-trend designs and animal prints this fall.
ESSĒN: ESSĒN was born out of the search for quality footwear without the luxury price tag. This search inspired Marre, ESSEN’s founder, to imagine a collection that met modern (& eco-conscious) women's needs. Marre explains, “I founded ESSĒN The Label in response to a fashion cycle that overproduces more than it carefully crafts.” Since 2016, the brand has been guided by principles of sustainability in creating beautiful, classic footwear that stands the test of time. Cult Mia has decided to spotlight ESSĒN, already an editor & influencer favorite, and support the brand that has not strayed from its sustainable mission.
Janashia: Founded in 2015 by Georgian fashion talent Gvantsa Janashia, this retro-futuristic label is inspired by looking to the past to shape the future. Cult Mia’s fashion team notes that texture is at the heart of her collection. Janashia plays with light and heavy, from ethereal sheers and delicate metal chains to chunky woven fabrics.
Lalo Cardigans: Tbilisi-based twin sisters, Lalo and Nina Dolidze, launched Lalo Cardigans in 2012 by employing local master craftsmen to hand stitch bright, braided cardigans in the traditional Georgian knitting technique. Now one of the top Georgian designers, their product offering has expanded to include leather coords, dresses and coats, but the cardis remain the hero product of the brand. 
Luisa Fernē: With Luisa Fernē, no hat is the same. The designer told Cult Mia that she never expected to become a hat designer. “When I was 22 years-old, I started creating my own hat and another for my father, Juan. That's how it all started.” Luisa creates the most exclusive designs, inspired by Mexico and her travels. Each hat is 100% handmade with the finest materials by local master craftsmen, who have been making hats generation after generation.
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