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24ct gold-plated bronze  

Continent: Europe

The Saxons This stunning triple coil finger-ring was inspired by the original Viking age heirloom found in North Yorkshire, England. Finger-rings have a significant place within Anglo-Saxon culture and history, written about in many legendary stories. The importance of rings can be traced back to royalty and the idea of “ring giving,” in which a chief was expected to solidify his relationship with his warriors and supporters by sharing the wealth from battle.

Composition: 24ct gold-plated bronze

Handmade in Armenia

About Sevenworlds

Sevenworlds is a contemporary minimalist jewelry brand inspired by cultures and ethnicities from all around the world.
Sevenworlds - Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Oceania, and Our Contemporary World. But it’s not geographical continents that interest us most. It’s the unique worlds - of humans, of cultures, worlds that have no other barriers than one’s own identity. It’s our planet and the beauty the nature has created. It is about people, who remain human above.

Shipping & Return Policy
Ships from Armenia. As per the designer's policy, this item is returnable for a refund (minus a £15 return fee) or exchange within 14 days from the date that the order was delivered to you.

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