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Free Shipping* & Returns | Pay in 3 instalments with Klarna

NUN 1970

NUN 1970 brand revives fascinating stories from different times and places. The story of creating NUN is no exception; it is truly inspirational. Hany Beshr, a second-generation fashion entrepreneur, envisioned the idea of creating NUN 1970 after completing his Master’s degree at Harvard University. Upon graduation, he volunteered in a cross-Asia teaching program; traveling to six Asian countries and educating college students. When he arrived to Mongolia it became love at first sight! He became fascinated by the beauty of the countryside and felt connected to the simplicity, the community and its lifestyle. His close conversations with the cashmere herders gave him an insight into their harsh living conditions; he found it ironic that Mongolian Cashmere, one of the softest fibers in the world, was produced within one of the harshest living conditions he have ever seen.

This realization sparked a meaningful purpose in Hany, he committed to serve the Mongolian community while reviving his family-long tradition of fashion business. Ultimately, this led to the birth of NUN, an Italian sustainable Cashmere brand that places the Mongolian herders at its heart. Our brand supports environment protection projects in the Mongolian grasslands and supports AGAPE Asia, a Charity organization in Mongolia that funds programs for child development and women empowerment.