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Pájara Pinta


Product Details
This hat was designed to make you feel like Venus, the goddess of love. For every feminine, charming, and daring woman. Like water, she flows and is ready for what may come whilst she embarks on the biggest adventures of her life.

It was skillfully handmade by female artisans in Nariño, Colombia using all-natural Iraca Palm applying ancestral weaving techniques passed on through generations. Perfect for flirty, risky, and seductive women that will definitely enjoy being in the spotlight.

The perfect match for a tropical destination.

- Handmade in Nariño, Colombia
Iraca palm
Brim size: 15-20 cm
- Straps: W: 2 cm / L: 47 cm
- Head Size: S (55- 56 cm), M( 57-58 cm), L( 59-60 cm)
- Model wears a size M

About Pájara Pinta

We are a Colombian lifestyle brand that ethically produces handmade bags and accessories in partnership with local artisans, indigenous communities and single moms across Latin America. Our pieces are inspired in our country’s wildlife. Pájara Pinta was born in 2014. It was created by designers Isabella Domínguez and María Paula Vargas while they were still at design school, where they met. Being aware of the importance nature had in their lives—and how much it called them to be true to themselves—they decided to create a brand that exalted nature’s power and reminded them where they belonged—to a country full of treasures hidden in unexplored wilderness.
We are committed to making everyday decisions that are guided by durability, ethical practices, fair trade and next-to-zero waste.

Shipping & Return Policy
Ships from Colombia. As per the designer’s return policy, this item is made to order and therefore not eligible for a return. If you receive your order and the item is defective, you have 5 business days to communicate the fault.

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