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Palo de Yucca was founded in Mexico City in 2016 by designer and former TV host Shahpary Pulido. American-born, Shahpary has Mexican/British/Iranian origins. Her multicultural background and multi-citizenship gave her the keys to discover trends, art and fashion from around the world as she grew up.

As such, Palo de Yucca’s fedora hats combine geometric figures directly connected to prehispanic art, hand-painted symbolic icons from around the world and elegant floral patterns from various regions, making it easy for anyone to find their own style and taste. Every hat is handmade locally by the most expert craftsmen using fine quality materials.

Palo de Yucca seeks to support local indigenous communities from Chiapas, Yucatan, Tenango de Doria, Oaxaca and Campeche through fair trade, while working with various non-profit organizations.